The Border Lands

Centuries ago during the "Golden Age", a force comprising of men from all of the fledgling countries of "The Five Kingdoms", under the banner of the good King Alvic the Bold of Lencia, marched north to face a dark and formidable warhost of orcs, the likes that had never been seen before, gathering in the Worlds End Mountains. The barbaric tribesmen that lived there, between the lands of the "Sun King" and the orcs of the mountains, eked out a miserable existence and were little more than savages themselves, but the good king took pity on those people and bade them take up arms against the orcs who burned their homes and stole their children. They joined "The Five Kingdoms" host and together they pushed the foul orcs back into the bowels of the mountains. From that day forward the barbaric peoples became followers of the "Sun King", pledging their lives in defending the lands to the south, as wardens against the orcish hordes.
The land is now known as Dobsova, a kingdom of fierce and proud warriors who refrain from entering the machinations of "The Five Kingdoms". Sol'Ardor forbid, were Dobsova ever to fall or give up its vigil, then all the Men of the civilised south would surely suffer at the hands of the terrible Orc.